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Democrats continue 2018 election gains in House

3:14 pm Nov. 15, 2018

In what has almost been a daily event since Election Day last week, Democrats won two more GOP seats in the House on Thursday, as a new form of runoff election in Maine knocked off a Republican incumbent, and Democrats defeated another Republican in California, increasing the gains of Democrats to 36 seats, with six GOP seats still undecided.

In Maine, Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) had asked a federal judge to

Democrats turn up war of words over Florida, Georgia vote counts

1:22 pm Nov. 14, 2018

Watching vote count battles from afar on Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats stepped up their attacks on Republicans in both Florida and Georgia on Wednesday, broadly accusing GOP officials of standing in the way of a fair vote count in undecided races in those two states.

“President Trump and Governor Scott have just lied,” Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer told reporters just off the Senate floor, accusing Republicans of inventing election fraud

Democrats edging toward California blowout in U.S. House

4:00 am Nov. 14, 2018

As the lame duck, post-election Congress returned to work on Tuesday, the 2018 election gains of Democrats continued to grow, with news organizations declaring a fourth GOP seat for Democrats in California, as other vote numbers indicated that Republicans could lose two more seats in what was once the hotbed of national GOP conservatism, Orange County.

The latest GOP lawmaker to go down to defeat was Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), a

Budget deficit starts fast in new fiscal year

8:00 pm Nov. 13, 2018

The new fiscal year got off to a rocky start in October, as the Treasury Department reported Tuesday that Uncle Sam ran a budget deficit of $100 billion last month, up 60 percent from a year earlier, and the largest deficit in October since 2015.

Compared to the same month a year ago, spending was up by over $50 billion, while revenues increased by $17 billion, again demonstrating stronger economic growth

Democrats in Congress rally behind Georgia vote fight

11:25 am Nov. 13, 2018

As a pair of federal judges issued rulings to force the counting of provisional and absentee ballots in the race for Governor in Georgia, Democrats in the Congress demanded a full count in the state, accusing Republican Brian Kemp of being worried about tallying all the votes in his race against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

“In Georgia, every vote should be counted,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). “And that is how

Lame Duck Congress returns to changed political landscape

4:00 am Nov. 13, 2018

Lawmakers in Congress return to Washington Tuesday for a post-election session with substantial change just weeks away on Capitol Hill, as Democrats get ready to take charge of the U.S. House in January, signaling the start of more aggressive oversight of President Donald Trump and his administration.

“As we travel to Washington for this lame duck period, House Democrats are anything but lame ducks,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “We

Dems win Senate seat in Arizona, as Florida’s Scott heads to D.C.

6:54 pm Nov. 12, 2018

Democrats on Monday won back a seat in the U.S. Senate as Republican Martha McSally conceded defeat in Arizona after Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) saw her lead increase for a third straight day, while in Florida, aides to GOP Gov. Rick Scott said he would go to Capitol Hill for freshman orientation this week, even as his Senate race was still the subject of a recount in the Sunshine State.