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Partial government shutdown to continue past Christmas

4:05 pm Dec. 22, 2018

With little sign of any headway on an agreement to end a funding lapse which has shutdown part of the federal government, the Senate adjourned on Saturday afternoon and set a schedule which doesn’t provide

In fight over border wall, Trump, Congress, stumble into partial shutdown

7:44 pm Dec. 21, 2018

With Congressional leaders unable to reach agreement on a short term funding plan because of differences over President Donald Trump’s demand for billions of dollars to fund construction of a wall along the border with Mexico, about a quarter of the federal government was heading into a shutdown mode on Friday night, impacting as many as 800,000 federal workers just before Christmas.

“This is a large portion of the federal workforce,”

With impasse over wall funding, federal workers gear up for shutdown

3:32 pm Dec. 21, 2018

Officials at a number of federal agencies on Friday told their employees to prepare for a partial government shutdown, as no deal was emerging to solve a spending spat between Congress and President Donald Trump over funding for his border wall, an impasse which could create a lapse in funding for an estimated 800,000 workers, about one quarter of the federal workforce.

In conference calls and emails, officials at various agencies

With Friday night deadline, funding fight shifts to Senate

4:00 am Dec. 21, 2018

President Donald Trump’s call for action on extra money to build a wall along the Mexican border could run aground in the U.S. Senate on Friday, as lawmakers on Capitol Hill were girding for a possible weekend session and the chance of a partial government shutdown, if the Congress and the White House can’t come to an agreement on a temporary funding bill for part of the federal government.

“I’ve made

Shutdown chances jump as Trump demands money for his border wall

1:42 pm Dec. 20, 2018

Aggravated at the lack of action in Congress on his calls for $5 billion in money for his border wall, President Donald Trump on Thursday raised the chances of a possible partial government shutdown on Friday night, as he told House GOP leaders that he would not accept a short term funding bill for the government unless money for his border wall is included.

“The President informed us that he will

House GOP turns Civil War battlefield bill into last minute tax cut plan

8:41 am Dec. 20, 2018

With their time in the majority almost over in the U.S. House, Republicans on Thursday approved a package of GOP tax cuts on a mainly party line vote, using a parliamentary maneuver to stuff a variety of tax provisions – as well as changes to last year’s GOP tax law – into a bill originally designed to expand the boundaries of a Civil War battlefield in Tennessee.

On a vote of