Documents released in Trump University case

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A federal judge described as a “hater” by Donald Trump, publicly released documents related to a lawsuit against the presumptive GOP nominee for President, showing off the sales strategies of Trump University, as its workers tried to convince students to spend money on how best to achieve future financial success.

“Money is never a reason for not enrolling in Trump University; if they really believe in you and your product, they will find the money,” the sales playbook states.

The 2009 and 2010 playbooks for Trump University are both marked “CONFIDENTIAL” – but Judge Gonzalo Curiel decided last week they should be publicly released, drawing repeated verbal rebukes from Trump.

“I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump,” Trump said at a rally in the judge’s hometown of San Diego last week.

Reading through the sales tactics and strategies, they in part seem to be an effort to push those selling Trump University, as well as to find new ways to bring in future customers.

“At the end of the day, ask yourself: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? What can I do differently?”

Students could enroll in a three-day seminar for $1,495 – but the hope was to entice them into buying bigger packages that could total as much as almost $35,000 a year.

“You need to whole-heartedly believe that if they don’t attend our training, then they are missing out on the biggest opportunity of their life,” the playbook reads.

One section advises the sales team on how to handle different excuses by people, who just aren’t ready to sign on for more of Trump University.

“If you hear them start their second excuse, say ‘STOP!! It’s my job to get you to the next level. You will never get ahead with excuses. Mr. Trump won’t listen to excuses and neither will we.'”

You can read through one of the Trump playbooks here.