Trump continues attacks on federal judge

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Donald Trump used his Memorial Day to continue an aggressive line of attack against a federal judge who is handling a lawsuit against Trump University, as the presumptive Republican nominee has argued the judge in the case was biased, totally unfair, and a ‘hater’ of Trump.

After taking on the judge verbally at a rally on Friday, Trump on Memorial Day went back to one of his favorite spots for launching attacks – Twitter:

Trump’s Memorial Day tweets against Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel came several days after Trump specifically called out the judge during a rally in his home town of San Diego, California.

“I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump,” Trump told the crowd, as he took time to give supporters his side of the case.

“I’m getting railroaded by a legal system, that frankly should be ashamed,” Trump said.

The verbal fusillade against a sitting federal judge was just one more example of the unorthodox campaign for President being run by Trump in 2016, as he has not hesitated to go after almost anyone who has been in his way over the last year.

Trump also accused Judge Curiel of being a Mexican, something that was quickly batted down on the internet, as the judge’s submissions to Congress showed he was born in Indiana.

What the judge did on Friday was to grant a motion made by the Washington Post, to have documents involved in the Trump University matter unsealed, and made public.

In his order, Judge Curiel – who was put on the federal bench by President Obama – not only noted Trump’s position as the likely GOP candidate, but also his attacks on the judge, saying Trump “has placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue.”

The judge ordered that the documents in question be released by Wednesday.