AP declares Trump the GOP winner

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The Associated Press on Thursday officially declared Donald Trump the winner of the Republican race for President, reporting that Trump has now secured the support of enough delegates to gain more than a majority at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

The bulletin for news organizations came two days after Trump had won at least 41 delegates in a primary in Washington State.

How did the AP get to this figure?

What they did was combine the number of pledged delegates that Trump has already won – that is over 1,100 – and added to it other unbound delegates who had told the AP that they will vote for Trump in Cleveland.

AP’s decision was followed by other news organizations as well:

Other delegate counters have Trump just a little short of the 1,237 majority. For example, the website thegreenpapers.com has Trump at 1,217 right now.

The New York Times actually has Trump over the finish line as well, at 1,238:

Trump will certainly go over the majority mark of 1,237 pledged delegates on June 7, when the final five Republican states hold primaries in California, New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana.