Jeb Bush takes aim at Donald Trump

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With a new poll showing Donald Trump zooming to the top of the Republican field for President, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush went after Trump directly on Tuesday, accusing him of using political divisiveness as a way to get attention in the GOP race.

“Whether it’s Donald Trump or Barack Obama, their rhetoric of divisiveness is wrong,” Bush said at a stop in Iowa, as the Bush campaign quickly put the video of his comments up on the internet.

Bush’s comments come after stories in the news media this week suggesting that Republicans should stand back and not engage Trump directly.

Earlier this month, Trump attacked Bush – and Bush’s wife – in a post on Twitter, but soon deleted it.

Trump on Tuesday was taking aim not only at Bush, but also at President Obama, over the nuclear deal reached with Iran.

Trump’s campaign also loudly announced the results of a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll, which showed Trump leading the GOP field with 17 percent of the vote.

“Mr. Trump has been pulling ahead of the competition in recent weeks with his truthful talk on a number of issues, which has been resonating with voters across the country,” a written statement said, which also described Jeb Bush as the “establishment candidate.”

Trump will be in New Hampshire on Thursday for a rally in Laconia.

The poll had Trump at 17 percent, Jeb Bush at 14 percent, Scott Walker at 8 percent, Ted Cruz at 6 percent and Marco Rubio at 5 percent.