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Obama trade agenda gets new boost

11:43 pm Jun. 18, 2015

Six days after opponents of President Obama’s trade agenda declared it dead in the Congress, the central part of that plan was given final approval by the House, as GOP leaders and the White House

President Obama speaks out on Charleston shootings

1:43 pm Jun. 18, 2015

President Obama expressed the sorrow of a nation over a shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina that killed nine people on Wednesday night, using remarks from the White House to again call for action in the Congress on gun control.

“I’ve had to make statements like this too many times,” the President said to reporters.

“But let’s be clear: At some point, we as a country will have to reckon

GOP Senator sends reform warning to Weather Service

7:14 pm Jun. 16, 2015

A senior Republican Senator on Tuesday released details of a bill that would require a major overhaul of the National Weather Service, mainly by shifting most forecast operations from 122 local weather offices to six

Jeb Bush comes out swinging

5:23 pm Jun. 15, 2015

From Miami, Florida

Formally kicking off his bid for the White House, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush aggressively attacked Democrats in a speech here, accusing them of pursuing a “no change agenda” in order to get

Republicans of mixed minds on Jeb Bush

2:06 am Jun. 15, 2015

From Miami, Florida

As Jeb Bush announces his plans on Monday to run for President in 2016, it’s clear the former Florida Governor has a lot of support within the Republican Party, but he also faces

Obama dealt setback – but not defeat – on trade

4:02 pm Jun. 12, 2015

A major trade initiative sought by President Obama was at least temporarily derailed in the Congress on Friday after Democrats rebuffed a personal plea for support by President Obama, but the debate wasn’t a total

Iowa Republicans scrap Straw Poll

12:44 pm Jun. 12, 2015

A once mandatory huddle of Republican candidates for President has been canceled by the Iowa GOP for 2015 amid concerns over its political relevance, as the decision may end up boosting an alternate Republican gathering

Union: Hack attack was larger than feds admit

8:54 pm Jun. 11, 2015

A major federal government employee union is charging that a recent hacking attack blamed on China was much larger than originally indicated, alleging that data on every current and former workers in the “Central Personnel

House edges toward showdown vote on trade

10:17 pm Jun. 10, 2015

Amid intense lobbying on both sides, House GOP leaders and the White House pressed ahead Wednesday in a final drive to find supporters for a major trade bill, as President Obama urged reluctant Democrats to support a plan that lays the groundwork for future votes on U.S. trade agreement with a group of Asian-Pacific nations.

“This is an agreement that the President believes is clearly in the best interest of middle-class