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Christie jumps in the GOP race

12:53 pm Jun. 30, 2015

From Livingston, New Jersey

Ignoring the naysaysers who argue he has little chance of getting the Republican nomination, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie officially joined the GOP race on Tuesday, telling a crowd in his home

Christie forges ahead with bid for President

11:25 pm Jun. 29, 2015

Along the Jersey Turnpike

The conventional political wisdom is that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is going nowhere fast. That he can’t win the White House in 2016, let alone the Republican nomination for President.

But with that very public political assessment hanging over him for months, Christie has kept plugging away in speech after speech, stop after stop, making the case that he’s best positioned to lead Republicans back

Same-sex marriage opponents push back

9:43 pm Jun. 28, 2015

Angered by Friday’s landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage, some states and Republican presidential hopefuls made clear over the weekend that they will not rush to implement that ruling.

“Friday, the

GOP divides on response to same-sex marriage decision

2:20 pm Jun. 26, 2015

While Republicans running for President were quick to frown on the Supreme Court ruling that allows same-sex marriage in all fifty states, there’s no agreement in the party on the best way to deal with

Supreme Court allows same-sex marriage

10:45 am Jun. 26, 2015

In a landmark decision, a sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday that same-sex marriages are legal in all fifty states.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, as he had in earlier cases on gay marriage, wrote

Supreme Court upholds Obama health law subsidies

11:35 am Jun. 25, 2015

In a 6-to-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court preserved subsidies for health insurance plans purchased through the federal exchange at healthcare.gov, delivering a major victory to President Obama on his signature legislative achievement, and leaving

Lawmakers call for Confederate change at U.S. Capitol

8:36 pm Jun. 24, 2015

The repercussions from last week’s mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina continued to spread on Wednesday, as the Governor of Alabama took down the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol, both U.S. Senators from Mississippi urged a review of their state flag, and some black lawmakers in Congress called for the removal of statues in the U.S. Capitol honoring leaders of the Confederacy.

“I think it’s a testament

Obama trade agenda moves ahead in Senate

1:22 pm Jun. 23, 2015

All but declared dead by opponents earlier this month, President Obama’s agenda on trade won a key procedural vote on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate, setting the stage for approval of the controversial “fast-track” legislation.


GOP leaders embrace change on Confederate flag

9:05 pm Jun. 22, 2015

In a series of significant political moves, national Republicans on Monday joined in calling for the removal of the Confederate Battle flag from the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina, saying the killing last week of nine black churchgoers showed the need for change on a symbol that has long been considered divisive.

“After the tragic, hate-filled shooting in Charleston, it is only appropriate that we deal once and

Another hurdle for Obama health law repeal

3:58 pm Jun. 21, 2015

A new report from Congressional number crunchers makes it a little more difficult for Republicans to use the process known as budget reconciliation to repeal that Obama health law, as such an effort may now