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Senate jockeys on trade, NSA reforms

9:52 pm May. 21, 2015

With the House already gone for a ten day Memorial Day break, Senators were struggling on Thursday night to find a way to rapidly deal with major legislation on trade, terrorism surveillance and highway funding,

Fox, CNN opt for double digit GOP debates

9:28 pm May. 20, 2015

With the GOP field for President growing, CNN announced on Wednesday that it would hold two different gatherings at a scheduled September debate in California, one for the “top ten” Republican hopefuls along with a

US Intelligence releases bin Laden documents

10:59 am May. 20, 2015

A week after a report raised questions about whether President Obama had told the truth about the raid that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, U.S. Intelligence released newly declassified details about items that

GOP asks IRS to review Clinton Foundation work

9:05 pm May. 19, 2015

Widening their efforts to go after Hillary Clinton, Republicans in the Congress have asked the Internal Revenue Service to review the tax-exempt status of the Clinton Foundation, arguing its failure to report foreign donations have

Clinton emails might be released in January 2016

6:51 am May. 19, 2015

The State Department has told a federal court that it understands the interest in a public release of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as Secretary of State, but officials say the “voluminous” review will

A lonely call for a Congressional pay raise

8:41 pm May. 18, 2015

As the U.S. House on Tuesday moves to approve next year’s budget for the Legislative Branch, that measure will again block any pay raise for the Congress, leaving members at a salary of $174,000 in

Feds: Immigration errors were unintentional

8:55 pm May. 17, 2015

The Obama Administration has told a federal judge that unintentional computer system mistakes were the reason why 2,000 extended work permits were wrongly issued to people in the United States illegally, and that it was

Amtrak crash spurs finger pointing in Congress

8:15 pm May. 14, 2015

Even as investigators were still identifying victims of this week’s crash outside Philadelphia, Democrats continued on Thursday to attack Republicans for not spending enough money on Amtrak operations, as GOP leaders rejected the idea that tighter budgets played any role in the fatal wreck.

“Are you really going to ask such a stupid question?” Speaker John Boehner said to a reporter who wanted to know about GOP efforts to trim the

Lawmakers demand major change at Secret Service

9:55 am May. 14, 2015

In the wake of an internal report on a March incident involving two senior Secret Service agents, senior lawmakers in both parties say the details show the need for major internal reforms to change what