Senate Tussle

The last week before the elections is going to be a bit messy in the U.S. Senate, as both sides use the final hours in session to jab repeatedly at the other.

Democrats launched the first salvo this week, putting a bill on the floor that will end up going nowhere because backers do not have 60 votes to force action.

The plan – according to Democrats – would close tax loopholes enjoyed by companies, which give them benefits when they move jobs overseas.

As for Republicans, they argue it’s an overblown Democratic plan that would merely levy new tax increases on international companies.

“Republicans are defending companies who send American jobs overseas,” a Democratic press release proclaimed.

“Dems’ political ploy would put U.S. at ‘competitive disadvantage’ and kill jobs,” said a GOP retort.

It doesn’t matter who is right – because the bill isn’t going anywhere, along with a lot of other things.

“We’re debating a bill that we know will not pass,” moaned Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE).

“Where were they during the Bush administration?” thundered Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), as he took aim at Republican complaints about President Obama.

Democrats tried to highlight what they say is rampant GOP obstruction by forcing a rare “live quorum” call at 7pm on Monday evening, followed by a vote to have the Sergeant-at-Arms request the presence of absent Senators.

On the Inside the Capitol Radio Network, that’s what we would call “parliamentary wrangling.”  

Senators from both parties then got up to make unanimous consent requests to bring up a certain bill, which they knew would draw an objection from the other party.

That other side would then offer a competing plan and that would be objected to as well.

Both parties are very good at doing that, and then acting like it is the greatest miscarriage of political justice ever witnessed in the Western World.

And they think everything will be fixed in a Lame Duck Session?  

I will believe when I see it.